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$30 Earrings

Stylize your accessories by adding our earrings to your collection. The pearls are the original freshwater pearls attached with a crystal stone on the side. Grab the opportunity to buy these earrings priced just at $30! These earrings are perfect for every occasions; be it a wedding, an engagement party, anniversary or a soirée.


This elegant piece of jewelry would match will almost any outfit, casual or formal. If you’ve ever wondered or thought about gifts and ended up buying the same old thing, this time gear up and buy these for your loved ones. These earrings are stylish and fashionable and can be gifted for any formal or non-formal occasion. If you all about the 90’s and into retro style, these are perfect for you. These earrings offer a pleasingly beautiful vintage look and are urbane in nature. Also, if you’re someone who likes to keep up with the trend and follow the rules of fashion, well then these are for you. Our customer reviews and ratings have proven it all. All of these features just for the cost of $30!Go get them now and while you’re at it and looking for some really cool and stylish jewelry, do check out our other handcrafted earrings as they’re of superior quality, crystal stone studded and at the price of $20! Shine bright with these earrings!