How to make Tassel Earrings at Home

How to make Tassel earrings at home

Are you looking for trendy and boho Accessories? Why not make them yourself? You don’t have to look anymore because we are here to give you a tutorial on how to make Trendy and beautiful tassel earrings at home. Gift them to your loved ones and enjoy a stylish, bohemian look.

The material needed for making Tassel earrings is different colored embroidery threads, jump rings, earring hooks, pliers, scissors, and a small piece of cardboard material.

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Steps for making tassel earrings :

  • Collect different colored embroidery threads as desired. Now take a small piece of cardboard and wrap your desired color thread around the cardboard about 50 times, to make a thick bundle. 
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  • Now, cut it from the bottom and you’ll get a thick bundle of threads. Take another piece of same colored thread and tie a knot at the top after folding the bundle of threads into half as shown in the picture.
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  • You can keep repeating the process as per your desire. You can use other colors to make more Tassels.
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  • Now, take a jump ring and open it with a plier and put it through the top of the tassel, the part above the knot and seal the jump ring with a plier. 
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  • Take an earring hook and pass it through the jump ring and your earring is ready. You can add more tassels too. bsqDSFdmwVwt1COYEun6z6omLh6kutqAVXdXFt L1qk9ngkdafOmQPhdQy3NZm9cmfsKZsh cZ79Yuzp4qxTeTXBzgZLStbY2JDR0dyU rDYdMWda6GfrMOYk1FoQp3gklQAOvk - How to make Tassel Earrings at Home
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